Sunday, May 1, 2016

Destiny ~ About Me

Hello. I guess introductions are in order. My name is Destiny Mynx. 
I blog for Something New / something Erotic Pose and Props. I blog for Arabic Tattoos, Sleek Chic, LiES, Lil Bug, Q Poses, and House of Ruby. I also am a Snap Happy Officer for *The Keys*.
I have been a lover of photography for many years. I spend my extra moments in this wonderful world of Second Life.
I have been in world a total of six years so far. I share this reality and fantasy with my husband Brandon Mynx. We share a home in Ever After with my two sisters. Shovvan, and Mystique. 
I mention these people not only because I cherish all of our times together but because they are going to be a part of my blogs. My cast of characters so to speak. I am sure there are going to be many others as well but these are the main ones. 
I am a very open minded person and also have Aspergers. I focus on every photo I take for details. I do not have photoshop or any other editing software so the photos I take is how I see it in my camera in world. 
The photos I take I hope you enjoy. The photos and blogs posted are going to be for all styles and levels. There will be general, moderate and even adult. I offer free photo sessions as well so please contact me inworld to set up yours. I can not wait to meet you. 
Destiny Mynx

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