Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Destiny ~ Forever I Do!

I apologize if typos or spelling errors. It was a loving beautiful day and I thought I would share it with you all. Was copied how it happened.

Edward Makoa ~ whispers, "give me a moment... i'm ogling my wife" smirking over his shoulder .   gazing into Destiny's glowing, bright eyes as the sun catches a glimpse of them, " Destiny, There is something many words I could tell you of how much I love you, but none of them will ever fully describe how I feel for you. You have brought a smile to my face in my darkest day, in my thoughts when I'm exhausted to give me that extra energy through the day, and have become my greatest inspiration in this life."
purses his lips a little, squeezing her small hands in his, "The day I willingly to let you walk out of my life, is the day is when the world comes collapsing in itself. I promise to keep you close when you need me most, keep a smile on your face, make the effort to keep you laughing... even at my expense, and most of all Love and Cherish you day in and day out. You are my one and only, you are my all." brushing his thumb over the back of her hand, loving the way the warmth of her hand matches his.
reaches into his pocket, taking out her wedding band before placing it barely on her finger, "I give you my heart and soul, my love and time, and my kindness unconditionally. You do me the greatest honor of being my wife, my partner, my soulmate. E Hoomau Maua Kealoha (May our love last forever.)" Slipping the ring further onto her finger, meeting her engagement ring. Returning his sights back to her eyes with the biggest smile.

Destiny Makoa ~ looks up into his loving eyes. "My Love, My Heart. Your words you have spoken to me today and all days prior has made me fall for you more each day. You treat me like a Queen and I am sure some days I dont deserve it. I always do my best to better myself in every world. You make me proud to be your wife and other half. You always keep me smiling and I love how it feels when I am with you. I will not ever walk away from you willingly.  We have beaten every storm that has came across our paths. It has made us stronger. I accept your heart and soul.your love and time, and your kindness unconditionally. You have mine in return. My husband I gladly accept to be your wife and to see us both grow together in life.. Smiling as tears of joy and love run down my face
Edward Makoa ~ brushes her tears away, hoping not to mess up her makeup too much, "forever mine" leaning in towards her, pressing his lips to hers.

Aika Hatake ~ smiles, "i suppose this means, To the New Mr. and Mrs. Makoa!"
 Mystique Mynx ~ claps "to the Mr and Mrs. Makoa! May you dreams be blessed

Pose & Pose Items :
Sparrowtree Studios Poses  ~ June Wedding pose
Something New & Something Erotic ~ Wedding Rings
Something New & Something Erotic ~ Bridal Party
Other Poses Used are Unkown

  Home & Furniture :
 Dr3amweaver ~ Celtic Wedding Ceremony & Reception Venue
Dysfunctionality ~ Floating Lotus Candles
Dysfunctionality ~ Hatched Lanterns
Keke ~ Glitter Floor
Keke ~ Glass Hearts (Rose)
Half Deer ~ Lighter Pathway [Rectangle]
Cube Republic ~ Pink Orchids
Fancy Decor ~ Orchidaceae (Pink)
Killer's ~ Twilight Gazebo
T&C Designs ~ Wedding Set Complete
Annadmaya's ~ Mesh Wedding Cake with Orchid flowers
Luna Rose ~ Swagged Reception table
Unsure ~ {M} Mesh Curtain
Rest of Items Unknown
as is Items worn by others

Model : Destiny Makoa (Mynx)
Head : CATWA ~ Catya 
Eyes : CATWA ~ Mesh Pack
Makeup : Wednesday[+] ~ Gradient Lips
Indulge Temptation ~ 1st Date Eye-shadows
Hair : Just Magnetized ~ Basic Hairbase ~ Set 14
Truth ~ Lady
 Body : Maitreya ~ Mesh Body ~ Lara
Skin : League ~ Sadie ~ CATWA Applier ~ Sun kiss
League ~ Maitreya Mesh Body Applier ~ Sun kiss
Body : Maitreya ~ Mesh Body ~ Lara
(Comes with a Shaved & Non Shaved Version)
(Comes with Cleavage or Non and Can Hide Nipples)
Indulge Temptation ~ Seraphim Tiara
Wearing : LX Essentials ~ Hope @ The Trunk Show
Lapoint & Bastchild ~ Bridal Bouquet ~ Exotic
 Ysoral ~ Luxe Ring Wedding Veronica

Model : My Husband Edward Makoa
Head : CATWA ~ Victor
Hair: Drot ~ Ash
Body : Slink ~ Physique Male Mesh Body
Skin : Go&See ~ Matty
 Wearing : Aitui ~ Ammunition Necklace - 00
Aitui ~ Rocker Bracelet Mini - Black
Lapoint & Bastchild ~ Modern Open ~ Black Tuxedo
 Ysoral ~ Wedding Ring

Props, Poses and all sorts.
Family, Couples and themed props and poses.
All priced low but top quality!

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