Thursday, December 8, 2022

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Dictatorshop ~ Frosted ~ Romantic Igloo
The Frosted Romantic Igloo comes in 2 versions:
Adult Vanilla with 467 animation
Couples PG with 198 animations

The Frosted Romantic Igloo is designed to give you a cute hideaway for your winter garden. Snuggle in the cosy pillows surrounded by beautiful snow forming a perfect dome around you and watch the lights gently reflecting.

Brrr!! The holiday season is so pretty, but it can be just a little bit on the chilly side, which is how the Frosted range got its name. We are dedicated to helping you have fun in the snow with a whole lot of snuggly, silly, cute and cuddly furniture and toys. With the Frosted range your holiday can be as naughty or as cutesy as your heart desires!

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